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Economics is a science of choice. The study of economics centers around individuals' attempts to improve their living standards. It provides a comprehensive view of how a society is organized to transform the limited resources available into want-satisfying goods and services. It investigates the principles underlying the operation of the economic system and seeks to determine its weaknesses and to prescribe policy measures that will improve its operation. In the process, it ranges over a host of the most important problems confronting contemporary society—the causes of and remedies for economic depression and inflation, the determinants of and methods for improving income distribution, poverty problems and welfare measures, the role of the government in economic activity, the requisites for economic growth and development, pollution and congestion and their control.

The primary objectives sought in the undergraduate curriculum are to develop a broad understanding and perspective of the economic aspects of people's activities coupled with ­thorough training in the fundamental tools of economic analyses. Toward these ends, the development of elementary mathematical and statistical skills is highly desirable, as is comple­ment­ary study in the social and behavioral sciences, accounting and business administration.

A major in economics prepares students for positions with business firms, non-profit private organizations and national or international government agencies. A degree option in business economics and quantitative studies is offered to provide additional training in analytical methods and communication skills for both public- and private-sector occupations. The undergraduate degree in economics also provides an excellent background for studying law or international relations and, to this end, there is a pre-law option and an international economic relations option. A student interested in pursuing graduate studies in economics should include a wide range of math courses in their undergraduate curriculum.

Available Options
, B.S.B.A.
- Business Economics and Quantitative Studies, B.S.B.A.
- Pre-Law, B.S.B.A.

Budget Analysts
Financial Analysts
Securities, Commodities and Financial Services Sales Agents

Services-Providing - Financial Activities
Finance and Insurance
Retail Trade
Services-Providing - Information
Wholesale Trade

Recent OSU Graduates in
Max: $82,000 |
Ave: $43,049 |
Med: $40,000 |
Min: $13,000

Access Midstream Partners
Aircat Land
Bright Light Trading, Inc.
Charles Schwab
Chesapeake Energy
Colonial Life
Ernst & Young
FIS Global
Noble Systems
Oklahoma Energy Services, Inc.
Oklahoma State University
Quorum Business Solutions
Security Bank
Teach for America
The Medicus Firm
United States Air Force
Verizon Business

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Mission  -  Annual Report  -  Policies

Staff List  -  Contact Us  -  Site Map

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