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Picture of Congrats OSU Alum Katie Cox recently accepted a new position as Group Sales Executive for the Frisco RoughRiders!

Picture of Congrats Congrats to OSU grad Jesse Guardiola on his new Hispanic Outreach Director position.

Picture of Congrats Congrats to Mercury Hronopulos on her new position at Stillwater Dermatolgy Clinic.

Picture of Congrats Congrats to soon to be OSU grad, Susan Kucherepa-Rand, on her new GES Tax Consultant job with Deloitte.

Picture of Exclamation Mark Join a certified etiquette instructor for a unique dining experience designed to develop standout dining skills.

Space is limited so reserve your spot by November 10! Note: There will be a $5 Bursar charge to help offset the cost of the four-course dinner. If you do not attend, your bursar will be charged for the full price of the meal.

Dress for this occasion is business professional. Click here to RSVP.

Picture of Exclamation Mark Ever wonder how you compare to other job applicants? Looking for peer and professional feedback on your resume? Participate in the Resume Gallery. Click here for details.

Picture of Tips of the Day Interview tip: Phone interview? Lay out your materials, have a glass of water, sit up, and smile -you can "hear" a smile over the phone.

Picture of Tips of the Day Interview Tip: Dress Appropriately, be early, and plan your trip and parking arrangements in advance.

Picture of Tips of the Day Interview Tip: Pause to think and formulate your answers. Don't be afraid of a momentary silence. Then answer questions directly and concisely.

Picture of Tips of the Day Career Fair Tip: Bring your ID for faster check in.

Picture of Tips of the Day Career Fair Tip: Nametags are best on the right side, so when you shake hands it's easily seen.

Picture of Tips of the Day Career Fair Tip: Know your three most useful job skills.

Picture of Exclamation Mark Business Career Fair next week!Pete

Picture of Tips of the Day Pistol Pete has some career fair advice. Click here for more career fair tips.Pete

Picture of Tip Did you know you can stop by 360 Student Union to grab some free resume paper? Career fairs will be here soon! Woofound

Picture of Tips of the Day Average time spent looking at a resume = 6 seconds. Make yours stand out. Get tips by clicking here or make an appointment for a review.

Picture of Win Start a new job or internship? Want to win orange stuff? Post a pic of you on the job w/ #HIREDosugrad on Twitter or Instagram. Drawing on 9/1. Woofound

Picture of Tips of the Day Noticed lots of students don't have voicemail inboxes set up. Set yours up. Employers probably won't text you, and won't keep calling back.

Picture of Exclamation Mark Be sure to update your resume with any changes each semester.

Picture of Tips of the Day Sometimes the difference between getting the job and not is a simple thank you note. Click here for Thank You tips.

Picture of Exclamation Mark Woofound helps you discover careers based on your personality and preferences. It takes just 2 - 5 minutes to complete from any device.

Click here to get started. Follow up with a Career Consultant to learn more.

Picture of Tips of the Day Need a quiet space or a landline (more reliable than a mobile signal) to conduct an interview? Click here to reserve a private interview space here.

Picture of Tips of the Day When you apply for a job be certain to use a customized letter for that position, and always check your cover letter before submitting to make sure you've selected the correct document.

Picture of Congrats OSU Cowboy and Cowgirl Interns at Hilti!

Picture of Tips of the Day Unsure about your major? Start making your major decision in just 4 to 5 minutes with our newest, fastest assessment Woofound Compass.

Picture of Exclamation Mark There are currently 140 part-time jobs in the Stillwater area currently posted in the Hire System.

Click here to login, browse, or create search agents.

Picture of Congrats Congrats to William Good on his Senior Software Developer position at Booking.com

Picture of Exclamation Mark Find part-time job and volunteer opportunities at the Part-Time & Volunteer Job Fair.

Picture of Tips of the Day Resumes should be limited to one page if possible. Work with a Career Consultant to maximize the effectiveness of your document.

Picture of Tips of the Day Just because you think you are good at interviewing doesn't mean you are. Record yourself with InterviewStream to improve yourself. Practice Interview

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