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Architecture is the complex synthesis of creatively solving problems involving both art and science through the disciplined orchestration of image making, activity organization, technological applications, legal constraints, and budgetary parameters which together express culture, enhance quality of life and contribute to the environment.

Education in architecture consists of campus-oriented classroom and studio courses, as well as off-campus studies. It is conducted in an intellectual climate which stimulates inquiry, introduces principles and values, and teaches the disciplines necessary to work in collaboration with others. The goal of the pro­­gram is the education of future leaders within the architecture profession.

In the pre-professional portion of the architectural program (approximately two years of study), the focus is on the fundamental principles of design and technology supplemented by appropriate general education courses in English, social sciences and humanities. These courses allow students to assimilate a beginning knowledge base in architecture along with a broader liberal based component to their education. Students who demonstrate proficiency in this portion of the program by meeting a specific set of admission criteria are eligible for admission to the professional program in architecture.

The professional program in architecture (typically three years) builds systematically upon the knowledge acquired in the pre-professional curriculum. Students expand their design and problem-solving abilities through a sequential series of design studios informed by sequences of courses dealing with structure, systems and materials, building technology, the history and theory of architecture, and business and project management principles. In addition students fully utilize the computer as a design and communication tool in the problem-solving process.

The design studio is the center of the School's educational program. It is the setting where students and faculty work most closely together, and where all specialized study and knowledge comes together and is synthesized in design. The record of OSU students' achievements in the design studios is evidenced by the success in national and international architectural design competitions. In addition to a student's design studio education, he or she is required to complete sequential courses in architectural history/theory, technology, and management that work in correlation with the design studio sequence.

The program has long been known as one of the strongest professional programs in the United States. OSU graduates are consistently offered employment opportunities in many of the best architectural offices in Oklahoma and throughout the United States. The program is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board.

Available Options
, B.A.R.

Architectural Drafters
Architectural and Engineering Managers

Construction of Buildings
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Recent OSU Graduates in
Max: $54,000 |
Ave: $42,236 |
Med: $43,000 |
Min: $30,000

360 Architecture
Architects Collective
Architecture Plus, Inc.
Buddy Webb and Co.
Callison, LLC
Corgan Associates, Inc
Kerr 3 Design Group, Inc.
Manhattan Construction
Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Pickard Chilton
RIM Architects
Selser Schaefer Architects
Skyline Ink
Steve Gates Architect
TAP Architecture
VOA Associates Inc.
Wallace Engineering

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