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Horticulture is the science, business and art associated with the culture, production, preservation and processing of flowers, trees, shrubs, turfgrass, vegetables, fruits and nuts. It also includes the proper environmental use and maintenance of plants in the landscape. Horticulture is involved with the production and processing of a significant part of the nation’s food supply. It provides a major source of the beauty in and around homes, cities, parks, highways, golf courses and other public areas. Educational opportunities for study in horticulture cover a wide variety of plants and subjects and range from the cellular to the whole plant level. Factors such as nutrition, irrigation, genetics, propagation, control of flowering, and fruit and seed production are considered in their relationship to culture, production, conservation of resources, harvesting, processing and storage. Students can prepare themselves for careers in public garden management (arboreta, parks and zoos), golf course management, horticulture business, environment and sustainability areas, sales and marketing, production, teaching, extension and research.

Horticulture Science emphasis is on preparing students for science-based careers, including laboratory science or graduate study. This option provides the training and expertise for production maintenance and preservation of fruits, nuts, vegetables, nursery crops, flower crops, etc. Training can be general or be chosen to emphasize a particular commodity area of horticulture. Students learn plant care techniques and the role plants and landscape applications play in sustaining the environment.

Horticulture Business option features opportunity to combine horticulture with principles of running a business. A built-in requirement for a formal academic minor in a business area is a feature of this option.

Turf management provides the training for turfgrass production and for management of turfgrass in golf courses, parks, athletic fields, home landscapes, airports and along highways.

Public horticulture focuses on the people-plant interface, particularly in urban settings. Students may choose to specialize in either garden management or urban horticulture. The program is appropriate for those interested in careers in arboreta, botanic gardens, zoos, horticultural societies, park systems, museums, habitat creation and restoration (especially disturbed areas and/or wetlands) civic garden centers, and specialty crop production in developed areas. The option can also lead to graduate study. Students have the opportunity to be involved in The Botanic Garden at OSU and the department’s television show, Oklahoma Gardening.

Available Options
- Horticultural Business, B.S.A.G.
- Horticultural Science, B.S.A.G.
- Public Horticulture, B.S.A.G.
- Turf Management, B.S.A.G.

Farmers and Ranchers
Sales Reps
General and Operations Managers
Floral Designers
First-Line Supervisors

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Food Manufacturing
Management of Companies and Enterprises
Trade, Transportation and Utilities

Recent OSU Graduates in
Max: $62,000 |
Ave: $35,529 |
Med: $28,000 |
Min: $19,630

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