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Entomology is the science and study of insects and related arthropods. The undergraduate program in entomology leads to the BS in Entomology and offers students opportunities to explore the diversity of nature through the study of arthropods and their interactions with plants, animals and human culture. Specialized course work in entomology includes insect identification, biology, ecology, physiology, biochemistry, population dynamics, medical and veterinary entomology and insect pest management.

Available Options
- Bioforensics, B.S.A.G.
- Insert Biology and Ecology, B.S.A.G.
- Pre-Veterinary and Pre-Medical Sciences, B.S.A.G.

Conservation Scientists
Medical and Clinical Lab Technologists
Life Scientists

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Education and Health Services
Trade, Transportation and Utilities
Chemical Manufacturing

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Mission  -  Annual Report  -  Policies

Staff List  -  Contact Us  -  Site Map

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