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Political Science is, on the one hand, an ancient discipline with roots in Plato and Aristotle, and on the other, it is one of the most recent of the social sciences with roots in the early twentieth century. Political scientists study political institutions, the political behavior of individuals and groups, the formulation of public policy, the relations among states, and also enduring moral issues, such as what is justice and how leaders should be chosen. Political science, by its very nature, blends normative and empirical issues. Questions about democracy, participation, justice, and representation have both empirical and evaluative components. The discipline attempts to understand who participates in the political process and, when they do not, what it means for society. A major in Political Science offers the student a front row seat in the analysis of these questions. The principal fields of study in Political Science are political theory, public law, comparative politics, international relations, public administration, and American politics. Students may pursue the Bachelor of Arts (45 hours of political science and related course work in addition to General Education and college requirements), or the Bachelor of Science degree (45 hours of political science and related course work in addition to General Education and college requirements) in Political Science with a concentration in any of the fields of study. Either degree option requires a minimum of 27 hours of political science in courses numbered 3000 or above, three of which are a capstone experience. Additional courses numbered 3000 or above from related areas of economics, English, foreign languages and literature, geography, history, philosophy, psychology, religion or sociology are necessary to reach the required hours of the degree option. The minimum GPA is 2.50 with a minimum grade of "C" in all upper-division political science and related upper-division course work. Additional flexibility in the degree program is offered through internships, and opportunities to work with professors in developing independent study courses in areas where the department may not offer regular course work. Students may also pursue political science as a second degree, or as a minor to complement other areas of study. The minor in political science requires 15 hours of course work numbered 3000 or above, and must include three fields of political science. At least three of the hours must be taken in a field other than American politics, public law, and public administration. The required GPA for a minor is 2.50.

The political science major prepares students for a wide range of local, state, national and international careers, in and around government. It also provides preparation for admission to law school; teaching at the secondary level; urban and regional planning; political journalism; the conduct and analysis of foreign policy; and for graduate study in political science. At a more general level, political science has great career versatility for students. While the major does focus on the subject matter of government and politics, it also develops students' skills in critical analysis, written and oral communications, leadership and judgment. Such skills, prepare students for a wide range of options throughout their professional lives.

Available Options
, B.A.
, B.S.

Political Scientists
Political Science Teachers, Postsecondary
City and Regional Planning Aides

Finance and Insurance
Professional and Business Services
Education and Health Services

Recent OSU Graduates in
Max: $104,000 |
Ave: $37,950 |
Med: $32,000 |
Min: $18,720

ADT Fire & Security
Apple Inc.
Big Sky Resort
Comanche County Memorial Hospital
Excel Fevelopment Group
Metropolitan Environmental Trust
Ocean Dental
Oklahoma Farm Bureau
Oklahoma State University Foundation
PL Studios
Stillwater Police Department
Teach for America
Tilley & Nichols Consulting, LLC
Tulsa Partners, Inc.
U.S. Congress
United State Air Force
United States Army

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