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The Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Education (CTED) is designed with two distinct options: the non-certification option, for students interested in adult technical education, and the certification option for students interested in secondary career and technical education.

CTED Non-certification Option. Students choosing the non-certification option are prepared to become instructional personnel for technical programs in community junior colleges, technical institutes and industry. Graduates with this option also accept technical employment of various types in business, industry and government.

The non-certification option is designed primarily for graduates of technical programs in technical institutes and community junior colleges. Qualified students from pre-professional programs can be accepted with advanced standing. In addition, students desiring to prepare for careers in technical education may enter the program directly from high school and complete their technical major requirements at OSU.

CTED Certification Option. Candidates selecting this option are prepared to serve as teachers, or in other related professional roles for career and technical education programs. Plans of study leading to the bachelor's degree are offered for those wishing to qualify for teaching under the approved state plan for career and technical education. Candidates completing this option are qualified to teach in career and technical departments of high schools and area career and technology centers.

The certification options include business information technology, marketing education, health occupations education, technology education, and technical and industrial education. The specializations in technical and industrial education are selected from but not limited to the trade and industrial fields of air conditioning heating and refrigeration, automotive technology, aviation technology, building and grounds maintenance, carpentry, commercial art, commercial photography, computer repair technology, cosmetology, diesel engine technology, drafting, electronics, laboratory technology, law enforcement training, machining, masonry, printing, plumbing, telecommunications, and welding technology. For the technical and industrial option, specific field is determined by the specialization proficiency and teaching aspirations of the student. Since specialization competency normally is required for admission, students are accepted into this option by consent of the program faculty. The required specialization competency may be acquired by completing a career and technology program in an approved high school, area vocational school, technical college, community junior college, by apprenticeship training, by actual experience in the field of specialization, or a combination of these. See the section "Professional Education Unit" for details regarding state certification requirements and procedures.

Available Options
- Business and Information Technology Education, B.S.
- Health Occupations Education, B.S.
- Marketing Education, B.S.
- Certification, B.S.
- Non-Certification, B.S.
- Technology Education, B.S.

Career/Technical Education Teachers, Secondary School

Educational Services
Services-Providing - Education and Health Services

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