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Contemporary mathematics is concerned with investigations into far-reaching extensions of such basic concepts as space and number and also with the formulation and analysis of mathematical models arising from varied fields of application. Mathematics has always had close relationships to the physical sciences and engineering. As the biological, social and management sciences have become increasingly quantitative, the mathematical sciences have moved in new directions to develop interrelationships with these subjects.

Mathematicians teach in high schools and colleges, do research and teach at universities, and work in industry, business and government. In industry, mathematicians usually work in research, although they have become increasingly involved in management. Firms employing large numbers of mathematicians are in the aerospace, communications, computer, defense, electronics, energy, finance, and insurance industries. In industry, a mathematician typically serves either in a consulting capacity, giving advice on mathematical problems to engineers and scientists, or as a member of a research team composed of specialists in several fields. Among the qualities which he or she should possess are breadth of interests and outlook, the ability to think abstractly and a keen interest in problem solving.

An undergraduate specializing in mathematics will begin with calculus or sometimes with college algebra and trigonometry. Well-prepared students are encouraged to establish credit in elementary courses by passing advanced standing examinations. All majors take courses in differential equations, and linear and abstract algebra and analysis. The remainder of the field of concentration is determined by the student's interests and future plans. Students are encouraged to acquire proficiency in computer programming and to take substantial work in related fields in which they have a special interest.

Undergraduate degree tracks are available to prepare students for: (1) employment in industry, business or government; (2) secondary school mathematics teaching; and, (3) graduate study in mathematics. Students choosing secondary school teaching complete all requirements for state licensure as part of this program.

Many of the more challenging positions in mathematics require study beyond a bachelor's degree. For example, university teaching requires a PhD, while teaching in a junior college requires at least a master's degree and possibly a doctorate. Approximately 25 percent of the students receiving a bachelor's degree in mathematics go on to graduate work.

Available Options
, B.A.
, B.S.
- Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, B.S.
- Applied Mathematics, B.S.
- Pre-Law, B.S.
- Pre-Medical Sciences, B.S.
- Secondary Teacher Certification, B.S.

Secondary School Teachers
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Financial Activities
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Education and Health Services

Recent OSU Graduates in
Max: $87,000 |
Ave: $48,944 |
Med: $43,750 |
Min: $32,100

Allied Motion Technologies Incorporated
Bartlesville Public Schools
Brief Media
Cherokee Nation Entertainment
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
J.B. Hunt
Marshall Electric Co.
Pinnacle Airlines Corporation
Urban Financial of America

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