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Geography is a diverse discipline concerned with the surface of the earth and its immediate atmosphere. Geographers study the similarities, the differences and interactions among phenomena in this region. Geographers are interested in the economic, social, political and environmental qualities of places, and in how these attributes interact.

Geographers attempt to understand human behavior by answering such questions as: Where do people work? Where do they play? Where do they live? Why do people make these locational choices? What are the ­consequences of these decisions and behavior?

Because the physical environment is important in many explanations of spatial behavior and spatial patterns, geographers have traditionally concerned themselves with relationships between humans and their environment. What impact do people have on the land? What impact does the land have on people? How do people perceive their environment? How does this perception influence their activities?

Finally, geographers examine spatial patterns and behaviors in specific regional contexts. These analyses occur at many levels—world-wide, national and local. These kinds of studies lead to suggestions for change and improvement— the application of geography to contemporary rural, urban and regional problems. Thus many aspects of urban, regional and national planning are geographic in nature.

No academic discipline has broader interests than does geography, and the Department of Geography allows students the flexibility to pursue studies that lead to a wide range of educational goals and careers. Students with interests in environment, planning, real estate, economic development, international affairs, travel, remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems, area studies, management or education are among those who can be accommodated. A geography minor program is also available for those who see geography as complementary to another field of study.

Those who wish to study geography tend to be interested in their own surroundings and in other places. They also possess a curiosity for maps, the basic tool of the field. Students of geography will become familiar with remote sensing, computer graphics, statistics, Geographic Information Systems and cartography—tools which facilitate geographic inquiry and analysis.

Many careers are available to the geography major or minor. Recent graduates have been employed in urban and regional planning, community development, locational analysis in both the public and private sector, resource planning and management, various forms of domestic and Foreign Service, cartography and teaching. Geography also provides an excellent foundation for a liberal education and is a good basis for a career in business, industry or government.

The department manages the Center for Applications of Remote Sensing, a palynology/paleoecology laboratory, a computer mapping facility, spatial database facility, field mapping equipment such as Global Positioning System receivers, an interactive weather analysis system with satellite data feed, and two ARC GIS equipped geographic information system laboratories. Two international journals are edited and published by faculty members in the department, the Journal of Cultural Geography, and the Journal of Central Asian Studies.

The department specializes in three areas: cultural and historical geography, resource management, and urban/transportation geography. Complementary course work supporting these specialized areas is available in other departments.

The Department of Geography offers the BA and BS degrees. An advanced program leading to the MS and PhD degrees is also available. The department also sponsors students in the interdisciplinary MS and PhD programs in environmental science.

Available Options
, B.A.
, B.S.

Cartographers and Photogrammetrists
Urban and Regional Planners
Geographic Information Systems Technicians

Professional and Business Services
Education and Health Services

Recent OSU Graduates in
Max: $44,000 |
Ave: $30,168 |
Med: $30,600 |
Min: $16,000

Ann Taylor Factory
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
College of the Muscogee Nation
Family & Children Services
Farmers Claims Center
Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department
Universal Field Services
Wake Forest Boys and Girls Club

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