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Week At A Glance
Staying in Stillwater Over the Summer?
Need a part-time job over the summer? Get started now, by searching the 85 part-time jobs located in Stillwater currently posted in the Hire System or by Making an appointment to discuss your personal search.

Mark Your Calendar; Tell Your Friends
80+ districts will attend the March 28th, Education & Teacher Job Fair! With that level of demand we’d love to see record numbers, not only of OSU students & alumni, but ANY educator seeking employment - new grad, experienced, certified or seeking alternative certification. Ensuring a good turnout of job seekers is the best way to ensure these employers return to campus for our graduates. Please help spread the word. Details

How "Fun" Was YOUR Spring Break?
Be sure to keep your social media posts and pics mild. 60% of employers screen candidates via social media.

Employer Spotlight
"As a leader in HR technology, Paycom redefines the human capital management industry by supplying companies nationwide with the workforce tools to effectively navigate a rapidly changing business environment. Paycom's innovative, cloud-based software provides organizations with the technology to better manage the entire employment life cycle, from recruitment to retirement. Opportunities are endless when choosing a career at Paycom! We ensure you don't just start a job with us; you begin an amazing career."

This Week's Events
Monday, March 20

Halliburton Connection Session

Tuesday, March 21

Federal Job Search Strategies: OSU-Tulsa

Cox Communications Connection Session

Hilton Worldwide Connection Session

Wednesday, March 22

Career Wise Wednesday

L-3 Mission Integration Connection Session

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